cwmbran 0(0) nistru-unisport 1(2)
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Cwmbran have an off day?
Cwmbran started as bright as the sunshine on a beautiful day on a lovely pitch in a great stadium in front of 400 fans.
Unfortunately Cwmbran wilted when Nustru turned up the heat. The only goal came after unrelentless pressure from the Moldovans which resulted with an indirect free kick inside the penalty area ,which was passed across the box to be rifled into the back of the net.
we can only hope that the boys pick up their game next week other wise it's the end of Cwmbran's chance in the Cup
Cwmbran played poorly all round at Newport, The over crowded defence kept playing the ball up front to the Moldovans where our players did'nt want to go!
If this type of performance is typical of our play for the forth coming season then Cwmbran have'nt got a chance

Away Game

We were just as bad when we played away even though we did have two defenders instead of just one, But now that Cwmbran have lost our best striker, Chris Summers, we dont seem to be looking good for the coming season.